MEDIA RELEASE March 25 2014





Scouts Victoria welcomes today's State Opposition commitment to provide $10 million to complete Hazel Glen College at Doreen.


Chief Commissioner Brendan Watson says any extra funding for education is welcomed, but the promise to complete the Hazel Glen middle school and senior school is an area of particular interest.


"The Hazel Glen campus is the venue for a unique partnership between Scouting and schools," he said.


"Scouts Victoria is building a Scout hall in the centre of this educational campus to be shared with schools during the day, and to be a hub for Scouting activities outside school hours.


"This is the first rollout of a new model to provide Scouting programs in developing suburbs, in partnership with local schools.


"Scouting has a 100-year history of complementing formal education.


"But in recent years the pace has quickened. Many training courses for youth and adult volunteers now result in nationally-accredited certificates. The Scouts Australia Institute of Training is a Registered Training Organisation operating on campuses throughout Australia.


"The latest initiative is to provide the Venturer Scout program in schools.  VCE students can earn credit toward their VCE or VCAL - and nationally accredited qualifications - while enjoying outdoor activities, leadership training, new skills, and service to the community.


"The pilot program at Catholic Regional College at Sydenham has attracted four times as many students as expected, and other schools are lining up to introduce the program in 2015.


"And this year Scouts Victoria will provide a unique opportunity for pre-service education students to begin their teaching career with extra training and experience in planning and managing activities, excursions and camps. Their signifcant pre-service experience will give them an edge in seeking employment."



To speak with Brendan Watson, Chief Commissioner of Scouts Victoria,

please call Andrew Taylor       0411 156 797